L'Amuse du Paradis

"The place where you left a smile behind, the place that you carry in your heart, ... there you felt at home"

Appartment and villa rental in the south of France

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Experience your dream vacation in the Provence ?

24/08/2016 12:43

Availabilities October

If you want to enjoy the heated swimming pool in the end of this year : 

Beside the 3 days still available in September (from 22 to 25), we still have accomodations between 2 and 15 October and after 22 October.

Stay in one of our three luxurious appartments or our somptuous villa with a panoramic view... A sunny holiday in the Provence; the warmth, the beautiful nature, the perfumes... La vie est belle

"We will be happy to deliver you an unforgettable holiday"